Explaining Finance

Personal finance can be stressful! Many people begin their professional careers without a basic understanding of numerous helpful financial basics, including the definition of compound interest, or the difference between a Roth IRA and a 401K (or why they need either of them). Learn how we simplify the jargon into the essential concepts you need to know.

Oregon Cultural Trust

Oregon is known for its abundant outdoor gifts – lush forests, cascading rivers, rugged coastlines. Peel away this natural beauty and you’ll also find that Oregon is rich in cultural wealth. From art fairs and world-class plays to rodeos and musical festivals, Oregon offers a breadth of fun, learning and adventure to those seeking to discover it.

The 3 Essential Qualifications of a Financial Advisor

Congratulations, you’ve decided to work with a professional to manage your assets! You start your search for local financial advisors, but you see a confusing array of qualifications such as IAR, PFS, RIA, IA, CFS, and CFP™. Which credentials guarantee the competence of a financial advisor?

Inspire Yourself to Start Saving for Your Next Vacation

Summer’s almost over. Families are getting ready to head back to school and young adults are back in their college classes. Hopefully you’ve had a great summer getaway, made some happy memories, and you’re ready to get back into the swing of things back at home as fall is just around the corner.