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Summer Fun as we Return to Normal

summer fun

It is safe to say we are all ready for some summer fun as we transition back into a normal way of life. Although we are not completely back to the way things used to be, there is still plenty to do as the Rogue Valley and surrounding areas heat up. Last summer we were limited to just areas nearby, but this year we have more options and better peace of mind as we venture out from our home to places a little farther.

In the past few weeks we’ve seen fireworks return to Disneyland, summer camps reopen, and National Parks prepare for a busy summer. With these recent announcements, we can finally feel hopeful and excited to include these public places back in our summer routines. This includes feeling safe about hopping on a plane to visit family or the long awaited for summer getaway to a tropical destination. It may feel a little extra deserved this year, and very rightfully so!

You may have received some invitations to backyard barbeques, and newsletters from your local wineries and breweries offering weekend tastings and live music once again. After many meals in our own homes, we can finally indulge in a fantastic meal out, and perhaps some patio dining while soaking up the hot summer sun. Take your travels to breweries in Bend, wineries in the Willamette, or your local restaurants that have patiently waited to have you inside their doors again! Don’t forget to support local this summer, as many of our nearby restaurants, bars, and shops have had a difficult time making it to this moment.

Whether you are looking to entertain your kids or find an easy escape from your home, the outdoors are always a great option, especially in our beautiful Pacific Northwest region.  We are lucky to be surrounded by trails, mountains, beaches, lakes, and rivers that make us feel far away from our everyday routine. This allows for camping, river rafting, mountain biking and more all just out our front door. While many of us probably took advantage of this last year, this summer is a great time to go a little farther and explore a little longer! Travel to northern Washington islands, central Idaho mountains, or eastern Oregon camping.

If you are able to work remotely, the summer is a great time to pack up for a week and find an Airbnb to take your office too. Taking a morning walk on the beach before your workday can be just the scenery you need to get your creative mind flowing, or a great sense of peace before hours on the phone. This may be a luxury soon disappearing, so now is a great time to take your work to a new place before you head back to the office.

Above all, the summer will bring back socialization. No matter what activity you are doing, you can enjoy it with others! It will be a breath of fresh air to see smiling faces again when picking up produce at the Saturday Market, laughing with friends while catching up over dinner together, or families playing in the park. We are finally able to enjoy one another again while enjoying the beautiful months of summer this region provides.

Your team at FIDELIS iM wishes you and your families a happy, eventful, and adventurous summer! We can’t wait to see you out enjoying yourself in the many different ways summer offers us! 

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