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Re-Evaluating your Lifestyle Creep with a New Perspective

As we begin to see light at the end of the pandemic tunnel, we will be leaving with a new perspective of happiness and joy. Just over a year ago, many of us found happiness through exotic vacations around the globe, 5-star restaurants, and expensive outings that provided extravagant entertainment. But after slowing down and rediscovering many of the simple pleasures we once appreciated, we may once again find ourselves succumbing to the lifestyle creep in post-pandemic life. While it will be long awaited, it is worth keeping in mind the newly found cherished moments as well.

This is a great time to re-evaluate how lifestyle creep affects your life in several ways. Often when we hear the term lifestyle creep, we relate it to buying things to keep up with others in our circle. But it can also mean considering things that were once a luxury a necessity. What you may have not noticed though, is that during the pandemic you broke many of these lifestyle spending habits. The daily lunches out are now enjoyed in your own kitchen, the nightly drinks after work are now sipped in your living room with your spouse, and the monthly flights are now money saved for a grander adventure in the future. While these have all saved you money and delayed the lifestyle creep, they have also reallocated your time closer to home and your loved ones.

You may also find that the delayed satisfaction will bring you greater joy than the instant delights. Many of us were used to multiple vacations a year, but after waiting to have one, it will probably be well worth the wait with a greater reward! The first time being waited on at a restaurant in a far-off place will be bliss and perhaps was something you took for granted before. Revaluating your perspective can bring happiness back long after the pandemic passes.

It is no surprise that as your income increases, so do the amenities you enjoy in life. However, with a new perspective, you can begin to appreciate things at a greater level and create more joy. As a high-income earner, it is important to remember that your frugality does not come from force, but instead habit and control. Now is the time to enjoy the light nearing us as we leave lockdown life, but do not forget to remember the simple pleasures as well!      

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