Simplified, targeted retirement planning.

For individuals and businesses, we build financial wellness.

FIDELIS iM is at the forefront of a new paradigm of retirement planning. Our strategic investment matrix builds your strongest investment portfolio based on your investment horizon, risk tolerance, growth expectations, and retirement needs.
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Investment Guidance Pays Off

The proven strength of a professionally-managed approach is due to better diversification, discipline, research, and balanced asset allocation. At FIDELIS iM we carefully monitor evolving compliance standards, marketplace nuances, and tax policies. For company retirement plans, we blend the best features of the company pension plan with the defined-contribution plan. We help ensure you are meeting your fiduciary obligations as defined by the Department of Labor and that your plan operates effectively and efficiently. For all investors, we distill this complex investment and compliance equation into appropriate recommendations and solutions for your individual or business retirement plan. Our Six Steps to Success provides a blueprint that we will use to help you meet your financial goals.

Retirement Planning with FIDELIS iM Delivers

  • High-quality, low-cost investment options
  • Benchmarked, appropriately-low fees
  • Business plan design optimized for cost-savings for employees and ownership
  • Business retirement plans that empower HR to recruit and retain employees

No question about retirement is too small to ask.

Let us help you navigate your financial future.