A Financially Bright New Year

This year has offered many trials and tribulations compared to what might have been expected this time last year. Although we faced many tragedies, we are entering a bright, new, hopeful year. We must look on to the prospects next year may bring, and celebrate our perseverance through this one. One thing that has changed for the better is our new perspective of time and money.

A Summer Close to Home

As you started preparing for the summer of 2020, your plans probably included vacations in the tropics and Europe, cruises, camps for the kids, and many nights spent with neighbors, friends, family, and co-workers.  While that reality has changed as the year has progressed, it does not mean that this summer still can’t be one to remember in a positive light.

A New Way of Normal

As the spring months are turning to summer, a new perspective has been gained; normal lives have changed drastically. While we may have gotten accustomed to our everyday hustle and bustle of driving to work, picking up kids or grandkids after school, extracurricular activities, and going out for dinner with friends or loved ones, we now know that we are able to find new ways to do our normal tasks.

A Message to our Friends

As the country has undergone many difficult challenges and changes in the past few weeks, we hope to provide some peace of mind to our community. We are grateful to be able to be a voice of reason, to provide comfort during dark moments, and a shining light as we look toward the future; a future that is bright!