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Based upon the moral principles President Keegan Denn draws from his experience as a United States Marine, FIDELIS stands for integrity and results.
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Our impeccable reputation stems from extensive experience growing your investments through trusted, comprehensive, and prudent investment management.
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We build financial wellness through a simplified, strategic matrix that puts FIDELIS iM at the forefront of professional retirement planning for individual and businesses.
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FIDELIS iM is the only local investment firm leveraging an exclusive Preferred Provider Retirement AllianceSM for medical plan management.
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Your trusted fiduciary advisor

In April of 2017, the Labor Department finalized a new regulation called the Fiduciary Rule. One advisory committee estimates that non-fiduciary advisors cost Americans 1 percentage point annually, amounting to $17 billion per year.

FIDELIS iM is a fiduciary advisor to all of our clients as a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA). Since our inception we have operated with full transparency to serve the best interests of our clients.

Did you know? Brokers and insurance agents are typically held to a much less stringent “suitability standard.” Learn more about our valuable responsibility as a fiduciary advisor.

Success by the numbers

We empowered the plan participants to save more and grow their retirement accounts. Fees were reduced by over 44%, saving over $11,000 per year for plan participants. Employee satisfaction has grown as we provide much greater engagement and the highest level of fiduciary oversight, a level that brokers, banks, and insurance companies do not provide.

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6 reasons your investments are in the best hands with FIDELIS iM:

  • GROWTH: We seek to deliver solid, long-term results for individuals, entities, and company retirement plans. Our goal is to grow your assets.
  • RELATIONSHIPS: We build relationships that exceed your expectations. We collaborate to customize and optimize your dynamic plan.
  • TRUST: We utilize an independent custodian to add unrivaled protection for your assets. Our President is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM practitioner, the gold standard in the financial planning industry.
  • ENGAGEMENT: We empower individuals to make informed investment decisions, creating greater satisfaction and financial security.
  • SIMPLICITY: FIDELIS iM simplifies and organizes your accounts while providing you 24/7 access on your personalized, secure website.
  • TRANSPARENCY: We operate in a fee-only, full disclosure environment. Many other advisors are compensated by commission, which we believe creates an inherent conflict of interest. A fee-only fiduciary advisor serves your best interest.


Our office in Medford, Oregon serves clients throughout Oregon and Northern California, delivering the highest level of fiduciary responsibility and client satisfaction.

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