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Oregon Cultural Trust


Oregon is known for its abundant outdoor gifts – lush forests, cascading rivers, rugged coastlines. Peel away this natural beauty and you’ll also find that Oregon is rich in cultural wealth. From art fairs and world-class plays to rodeos and musical festivals, Oregon offers a breadth of fun, learning and adventure to those seeking to discover it.

To find proof of Oregon’s commitment to cultural diversity and richness, look no further than the Oregon Cultural Trust. Established in 2001, The Oregon Cultural Trust was developed by the Oregon State Legislature to provide financial support to its state’s rich culture heritage by rewarding Oregon taxpayers with a 100% tax credit for donations to this unique entity.

What does this mean for you? As an Oregon taxpayer, you may claim a tax credit for 100 percent of the amount of your donation. Simply make an equal or greater contribution to one of the hundreds of non-profit organizations across Oregon and you can claim a 100% credit for your contribution to the Oregon Cultural Trust. It’s a win-win for everyone.

All taxpayers in Oregon have access to the Cultural Trust – individuals, couples filing jointly, even businesses. Your contribution dollars will go directly to support funding for three grant programs, Cultural Development grants, Cultural Coalition grants, and Cultural Partner grants. To learn more about these programs, visit, or visit to learn how to get involved.

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