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Inspire Yourself to Start Saving for Your Next Vacation


Summer’s almost over. Families are getting ready to head back to school and young adults are back in their college classes. Hopefully you’ve had a great summer getaway, made some happy memories, and you’re ready to get back into the swing of things back at home as fall is just around the corner.

You might think it’s way too early to start thinking about next year’s summer vacation. But what if saving up for that vacation now made it even more enjoyable?

Summer should be a time of fun, a time for you to make happy family memories. Vacations shouldn’t be spoiled by financial worries. Many families wait until the last minute to save for a vacation. They then find themselves stressing out about how to pay for it when the time comes. Or worse, they’ll put it all on their credit card, only to struggle to pay off the balance later.

If you start putting away for next year’s vacation now, you’ll be able to spend your vacation time relaxing, instead of worrying about your finances. You might even find that your saving habit will help you in your other financial goals.

Here are a few tips to motivate you to start saving for that summer vacation today!

1. You’ll enjoy your vacation more if you pay for it ahead of time

Sure, you could put your vacation expenses on your credit card and pay it off later. But then you might spend the next few months struggling to make the payments. Vacations shouldn’t add any more stress into your life, they should be all about relaxation! Save now, so that your mind isn’t cluttered with financial worries when you should be soaking up the summer sun.

2. Watching your savings grow builds anticipation

Most people probably wouldn’t describe saving as “fun.” However, watching your vacation stash grow will get you excited about your beach trip or weekend getaway as the year goes on. This excitement will motivate you to keep saving, and soon it won’t take any effort. You’ll actually look forward to putting away money each paycheck for that vacation fund!

3. Saving for a vacation builds good habits that will lead to long-term financial success

Saving money is like building an exercising routine, or a new diet. It’s difficult at first, but once you get started, it gets easier. Building a habit of putting money away each paycheck will make it easier for you to save for your next vacation. These saving habits will also help you save for other goals you might have, like a home or a retirement fund.

4. Watching your savings go up helps build confidence

Many people think they don’t have what it takes to build up a decent amount of savings. If you’ve never saved for anything before, the thought of saving up for a home or car can be daunting. You’re more likely to give up if you jump straight to your long-term goals.

A summer vacation is a short-term goal that’s attainable for everyone, especially if you start saving a year in advance. You can make a few small, easy changes to your daily spending that will add up over time. For example, bringing your own lunch to work, or making your own coffee instead of ordering at a cafe, can save you a few bucks each day.

By starting your saving now, you’ll see these small amounts continue to grow until you have enough for your dream vacation. You’ll see that you can save enough money to make a difference. This will give you the confidence and mindset you need to approach your long-term goals. Sure, you might not be able to save much right now, but over time, a little bit each day can go a long way!

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