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Getting Joy by Giving Back

The holidays can be stressful, and finding joy can be difficult while busily working to have the perfect holiday. The perfect holiday can often leave you depleted, but spending time on others will leave you refreshed and rewarded.

Instead on putting all your time and energy into buying things for those who have everything, think about spending your time bringing happiness to others who aren’t as fortunate this holiday season. A day spent focusing on helping others can be the perfect way to bring joy to yourself and reflect on the things that truly matter. There are countless ways to help your community by volunteering your time.

Here are 3 ways to give back while being able to spend time with your family this holiday season!


There are numerous volunteer options during the holidays, ranging from food banks to events. Many places find themselves short staffed for the holidays, and short on money to hire additional help. The food banks focus on giving food to those who cannot afford it, but to do this they must have helpers. This is a great family activity, allowing you and your children to provide others with holiday food while still spending time together. Christmas and other holiday events also regularly need volunteers to help spread joy. This will get you in the holiday spirit and allow you to connect with your community! Whether you are providing food or spreading joy, after a day of volunteering you are sure to feel refreshed and thankful.

Adopt a Child or Family

During the holidays, “adopting” a family can be a great way to find joy and a new perspective on what’s really important, the people for whom we impact in a positive, thoughtful way. It has the added benefit of teaching your own children the importance of giving back. This entails signing up to get a child or family presents based on their age and wishes. Many people cannot afford to have a tree full of presents, but you can aid every child and family in having a wonderful holiday. Once you have picked out their gifts, you can wrap them and address them before dropping them off at a designated spot. Whether you are teaching your children about helping others, or no longer have young children to buy toys for, there is nothing better than imagining the joy you’ll bring other children on Christmas morning! This is also a great opportunity to teach your kids about money and spending, as they will have a budget for the gifts they are buying others.


November and December are some of the busiest months for food, clothing, and toy drives. This is also an easy way to give back during a busy time of the year. Most grocery stores are looking for food donations, making it easy to donate a few cans and a box of stuffing during your shop. If you were to buy and donate one item every time you went to the grocery in November and December, it would add up to numerous meals while not hurting your holiday budget! Coats and other warm clothes are also in high demand, often new and used are accepted. This is a great way to give while on a budget, an old jacket out of your closet can be someone’s favorite new item. Toys are also needed at most stores, allowing you to pick up a few toys while you shop, and drop them in the donation box on the way out. These little donations add up to others having a gleeful holiday. Someone now has food on the table, another has a warm jacket and boots, and the last has toys to give their children.

Don’t let the hustle and bustle of the holidays get in the way of your happiness. Giving back to others is a circle of joy that is brought upon the giver and the receiver. Whether you are volunteering, donating, or adopting a family, it will help you remember why the holidays are here, to bring families together and joy to all.

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