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Gaining a Millionaires Confidence


It comes as no shock that millionaires have a high level of confidence. Often, confidence is gained along the road to financial success through a series of obstacles and accomplishments, giving you greater self-assurance in the decisions you make. Confidence can be seen in many aspects of the millionaire’s life, from investment and entrepreneurship, to household responsibility and spending habits.

Making the right decisions can be tough and leave you with second thoughts, but with a millionaire’s mentality, you can be confident in your financial future. When you put the time and energy into gaining confidence, your outcome will change too!

“Confidence is acquired through preparation and hard work. Confidence is the result of working on yourself. It is the benefit of proving yourself to yourself. It is knowing you can handle whatever comes your way.” – Keith Cameron Smith, The Top 10 Distinctions Between Millionaires and the Middle Class

Here are some ways to gain a millionaire’s confidence:

Educate Yourself

A mind flooded with ‘what if’ statements is certain to cause you self-doubt. One way to lower your level of uncertainty is to start educating yourself instead of questioning yourself. Swapping out your nightly television for a chapter of a stimulating book can help to answer some of your unknown questions. A beginner’s book to investments, or a 10-minute Ted Talk will educate and entertain you. The information in a $20 book can lead to a $2,000 decision. Having the mindset that continuing education is necessary will continue to empower you and your confidence long after you have finished school.

Don’t Overthink your Decisions

When you make a decision, big or small, it is easy to stay awake at night wondering whether or not it was the right choice. Remembering to trust your instincts and reflecting on the hard work taken to get to this point will help to ease your mind. Reflecting on the work and knowledge it took you to make the decision can also help to reassure yourself. If you overthink every decision, chances are you’ll flood your mind with worry instead of working towards the next step in your plan. Over-analyzing every decision will consequently make you miss other great opportunities. 

Celebrate your Small Successes

Sometimes the thought of your long-term goal can overshadow the milestones taken to get there. Remember to celebrate the small successes along the way! This can help to gain confidence over the course of a goal, instead of waiting until the end to feel relief. It is easy to forget that a great pitch or a small return is something to celebrate and feel good about too. Don’t just leave celebrations for the big promotions, find confidence through all the steps it takes to get there.

Find a Mentor

Being surrounded by other successful people can help you feel more confident in your decisions. Sometimes this can be someone you know, and sometimes it can be someone you look up to and study. Having a person that keeps you accountable and gives you guidance will ultimitaley give you more confidence in the decisions you make. By networking and being engaged in your given industry, you will find other like-minded individuals to provide you with guidance and support.

Confidence isn’t gained over night, but with the right mindset, you can have a millionaire’s confidence in no time. Be be educated in your decision making and reflect on how you have made it to where you are. This will dilute some of the inevitable self-doubt and keep you motivated for future opportunities. Begin by building up the image of yourself to change your mindset, then, with new found confidence, your outcome will change too!

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