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Case Study: Rogue Valley Medical Practice Saves Big

Case Study: Rogue Valley Medical Practice Saves Big

A local physician with a successful practice in Medford, OR, moved his retirement plan to FIDELIS iM. Our Preferred Provider Retirement Alliance ℠ subsequently saved the physician and his employees thousands of dollars, accelerated the growth of their retirement plan, leveraged additional tax deductions, and empowered employees to make more informed financial decisions.

The physician’s retirement plan had been managed by Wells Fargo Advisors, and we immediately discovered several major problems. First, he had been paying fees over 3% from within his account, which was hampering growth. Additionally, his employees were unhappy because of the lack of growth and a lack of attention from their broker.

After we moved the medical practice’s plan to FIDELIS iM, our unique plan structure allowed us to implement a retirement plan management strategy that reflects today’s best practices, including providing all participants with financial planning for their retirement.

We empowered the plan participants to save more and grow their retirement accounts. Fees were reduced by over 44%, saving over $11,000 per year for plan participants. We continue to meet with participants on a regular basis, and they report feeling more secure and satisfied with our plan. We provide the highest level of fiduciary oversight, a level that brokers, banks, and insurance companies typically do not provide.

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