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A Message to our Friends

A Message to our Friends

As the country has undergone many difficult challenges and changes in the past few weeks, we hope to provide some peace of mind to our community. We are grateful to be able to be a voice of reason, to provide comfort during dark moments, and a shining light as we look toward the future; a future that is bright!

COVID-19 has presented a challenge, a challenge that hits the core of humanity. Over 20 years ago, I put myself on the front lines, serving this great country in the United States Marine Corps. It is that experience I draw on during times of uncertainty. Core values such as Honor, Courage, Commitment. Those values are at the heart of our determination to emerge from this challenge stronger than we entered, to not place blame but to band together in our community and beyond. As a community, as a country, we will persevere.

In an uncertain world our hope is that each of you can find gratitude. The power of gratitude is that once shared, it changes the universe for the better. We must balance our thoughts so that we can find resilience and strength, in spite of fear. In our home, with far more family time now that school and after school activities are on hold, we have invested more time in sharing what we are grateful for each day. At home, that’s homemade family dinner, game time, and backyard activities with spring among us. At FIDELIS, it is the friends we have made throughout the years and the trust they have placed in us to help plan and save for retirement; to provide guidance when needed most.

We would be remiss to not at least mention the impact this global pandemic has had on companies throughout the world. When we invest, we are investing in people and companies that produce goods and services that each of us use and depend on. There are countless statistics about the current market environment. We do not want to make this a message jumbled with mind blowing statistics but rather some thoughts on what we believe is best for all long-term investors, friends of FIDELIS, and those who may someday be. Panic is not an investment strategy and panic serves no one.

While times may seem uncertain, we can use strategies that prove impactful time and time again. We encourage you to remember these key points when worry sets in about investments and the market:

  • The market goes up and down. No changes are necessary so long as you are properly diversified and have an appropriate level of reserve. All our portfolios are broadly diversified and academically sound.
  • It is not advisable to sell when the market is in a panic. That is why we support a rainy day fund. Right now, we’re experiencing a downpour and just like winter turns to spring and spring turns to summer, there are sunny days ahead.
  • Recoveries can be fast and furious. We do not predict the market and if you are still in the contribution phase of your life, this period of time presents a fantastic buying opportunity. Don’t let fear stop you from participating.
  • If you are in the distribution phase of your life, meaning you are taking distributions for retirement spending, limited travel and other activities may have reduced your cash flow needs in the short term. If so, give us a call to chat. And remember “the market” is not your portfolio.

Most importantly, as our country and the world work tirelessly to fight this battle on the front lines, we must stay strong together. We have brilliant minds working around the clock to be part of the solution. Be it doctors and scientists working in the lab to find a cure, healthcare workers caring for those impacted directly, or one of the many essential elements of our community in support.

Through this challenge to humanity, consider the power of contribution. This is not a monetary ideal, but rather contribution through the power of giving appreciation and gratitude. Share your thoughts with those you are grateful for. It will make you feel empowered and the ripple effects are monumental. This moment in history is part of the human experience. It changes one’s perspective about what our lives should be and what our lives are. It makes us remember what we are grateful for, and the silver lining shines through.  

From our homes to yours, from our families to your families, be well and remain positive. In these trying times, reach out to your friends and family. Share a laugh over video chat or text message. It is good for the soul. There is a healing power to human connection.

All the best from your friends at FIDELIS.

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