Author: Heather McCormac

Re-Evaluating your Lifestyle Creep with a New Perspective

As we begin to see light at the end of the pandemic tunnel, we will be leaving with a new perspective of happiness and joy. Just over a year ago, many of us found happiness through exotic vacations around the globe, 5-star restaurants, and expensive outings that provided extravagant entertainment. But after slowing down and rediscovering many of the simple pleasures we once appreciated, we may once again find ourselves succumbing to the lifestyle creep in post-pandemic life. While it will be long awaited, it is worth keeping in mind the newly found cherished moments as well.

Becoming a Spender after a Lifetime of Saving

Guarding Your Savings

Reaching retirement is a long-awaited moment that you quite literally work your entire life for. This is considered the crowning achievement of your career. Your prudent financial decisions along the way have helped you accomplish what was once only a dream. For decades, you forged a savers mentality and made countless sacrifices along the way in preparation for this defining moment.

A Financially Bright New Year

This year has offered many trials and tribulations compared to what might have been expected this time last year. Although we faced many tragedies, we are entering a bright, new, hopeful year. We must look on to the prospects next year may bring, and celebrate our perseverance through this one. One thing that has changed for the better is our new perspective of time and money.

A Summer Close to Home

As you started preparing for the summer of 2020, your plans probably included vacations in the tropics and Europe, cruises, camps for the kids, and many nights spent with neighbors, friends, family, and co-workers.  While that reality has changed as the year has progressed, it does not mean that this summer still can’t be one to remember in a positive light.